My Edits


In the beginning when I found editing I was enthralled with the puzzle of it all. I loved how editing can change a films tone and incite emotions when working in complete cohesion with the film at hand. So I started editing music videos with footage from shows and movies that I really enjoyed with the music that was stuck in my head at the time. I was always a fan of the fast editing in music videos and gave it quite a few attempts with the videos I made. I don’t own any of the footage in the pieces Ive edited together. I’ve just edited the videos and posted them to YouTube. Please Enjoy!


Halo AMV Ft Ready Aim Fire by Imagine Dragons

Made this piece because this song was a hit around the time this game came out and I had a few ideas, So I pieced them together.

The Backyard

I edited this piece together with my good friend Danica Nuqui who is an up an coming Director/Writer. This was a fun piece to do because I had to really slow down for this one when most of my other editing pieces are fast paced. This was a ton of fun to work on.

Marvel Montage Ft Hero by Skillet

I made this because I was inspired to make it at the time and I am actually pretty proud of it. I really hit the timing well with this one.


Halo Wars 2 Ft Glitter and Gold by Barns Courney

The cutscenes from the game Halo Wars 2 are incredible. Blur Studios and all the other studios that worked on them should be proud. I was so inspired to make this video after playing the game and I feel is one of the best pieces I have with how the music plays with the visual material. Its kind of catchy.

Nick Romo YouTube Channel Trailer

I edited this when I was building up my YouTube channel the first time around. Despite it just being a edit of all my various videos at the time that I had edited. I edited them to the song Beyond the Veil by Lindsey Stirling. It melds together quite nicely.

Step Up Music Video Ft Eminem

This is one of my first edits and it was something that fueled my love for editing. I had to scrounge around for the footage and it shows but I am such a huge fan of the way I matched the choreography to the music.